nitrogen gas

  • Type Y gas cylinder

    ▶ Executive Standards:ISO11120、TPED、DOT-3AA\3AAX Code and Q/1500LXZ001-2017 . ▶ Applications: Used for high-purity and high-pressure liquefied gas storage and transportation, to provide safe and reliable quality assurance for the storage and transportation of high corrosive gas. ▶ Nominal working pressure: 166Bar, cylinder diameter is divided into φ610mm, φ850mm series. ▶ φ610 series product specifications: 440L, 470L, 520L ▶ φ850 series product specifications: 880L

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    Gas Compressor For Nitrogen Gas

    1. Special designed for nitrogen gas compressor. 2. Strict test to ensure the quality of the nitrogen gas compressor. 3. The product has low noise, small vibration, compact structure, stable operation, safe and reliable, high level of automation.

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