Chile’s state-owned oil company puts into operation first LNG-run vehicle


Marking a new milestone in its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable national energy matrix, the first truck in ENAP’s fleet that uses LNG began operating. The vehicle is more efficient, emitting less noise and 15% less greenhouse gases when compared to a similar vehicle that runs on diesel.

Manufactured by the Italian firm Iveco and operated by Transportes Santa María and Cryolab, this vehicle made its first trip from the Quintero GNL Terminal, where it performed its first fuel load under strict security measures. With a range of approximately 1,600 kilometers, the truck reached ENAP’s Regasification Plant in Pemuco, where the transported gas was injected into the Concepción network.

“This great example of the ENAP team shows what can be done with creativity and innovation,” said Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet.

 “We want to push towards a more environmentally friendly energy matrix. And this is a truck that consumes LNG, which hardly pollutes. It has a very high autonomy and it is also much quieter, which improves people’s quality of life and makes driving more pleasant… It is a very good example that we can generate investments and greater efficiency in the operations while also taking care of the environment. The government is committed to moving towards a cleaner matrix and specifically cleaning up transport, which is one of the most complicated sectors,” he added

ENAP general manager Andrés Roccatagliata also commented: “As a key public company for the supply of fuels in the country, we are setting an example, innovating, to move to a technology that is more environmentally friendly. We are very happy to present the first 100% LNG truck in our fleet.”

The executive stressed that the state company aims “not to stay in this pilot experience, but to have the rest of the companies, the rest of the fleet, the rest of the haulers to get inspired, for all of us to look at this technology which is more than justified.”

In fact, this truck is part of the project that ENAP’s Gas and Energy Department has developed with sights on installing LNG as an alternative fuel for road freight transport and public transport.

Currently, the state-owned company has a fleet of 94 trucks that travel about 18,000,000 kilometers a year between the different facilities and to serve its main customers, in order to guarantee fuel supply to the country.

Based on the results of the LNG truck’s first trips, the company could begin the process to gradually convert its vehicles, taking advantage of the economic and environmental advantages that LNG provides to road freight transport.

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