Colombia reduces the tax on import of natural gas drived vehicles


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has reduced the tax for the importation of vehicles operating exclusively with natural gas by 5%, reported the Colombian Association of Natural Gas (Naturgas), taking into account Decree 2051 of 13 November 2019 modifying the customs tariff for the importation of vehicles.

“We welcome the decision of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, and of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to reduce the tariff levy to 5% for the importation of vehicles running on exclusively on CNG, which responds to the need to encourage sustainable mobility in the country improving the air quality and health of Colombians,” said Orlando Cabrales Segovia, president of Naturgas.

The decree explains that the Customs, Tariff and Foreign Trade Committee recommended the reduction of tariffs in order to comply with international commitments and public policies related to the protection of human health, the improvement of air quality and the decrease of dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Naturgas recently reported that the number of OEM natural gas vehicles has increased over the course of the year. On the one hand, the number of dedicated CNG taxis has grown considerably reaching 110 vehicles. Moreover, the arrival of an additional 65 is expected, mainly in Bogotá and the Coffee Axis. Regarding public transport buses, freight trucks, tractors and garbage trucks, there are currently 1,300 dedicated natural gas heavy vehicles in operation and at the end of the year there will be about 1,600.

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