First liquefied natural gas filling station opens in southern Italy


Nicolosi Trasporti, a logistics company and historical partner of Lidl Italia, has opened the first LNG refueling station in Sicily and presented its fleet of 77 Scania LNG trucks, an initiative that consolidates Nicolosi Trasporti and Scania’s commitment to creating a sustainable transport system in southern Italy. During the occasion, Assoro Biometano sarl also launched the first biomethane plant from waste and by-products of agricultural production on the island.

“I would like to congratulate Nicolosi Trasporti for paving the way for sustainable transport in Sicily, with the inauguration of the first LNG station on the island. The Nicolosi family has once again demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills and the will to lead the way in a territory that is currently outside the network of LNG stations,” said Franco Fenoglio, President and CEO of Italscania. “Investing in alternative fuel vehicles guarantees important sustainability advantages and also makes transport companies more interesting from the customers’ point of view.”

“Last year we started the process of renewing our fleet with the introduction of 50 LNG vehicles. A few months later we are ready to inaugurate the first LNG station in Sicily at our company’s headquarters, so as to guarantee an on-site supply point for our vehicles,” said Gaetano Nicolosi, owner of Nicolosi Trasporti. “We have embarked on an important path of growth in the name of innovation, we want to continue in this direction with the aim of reducing the impact of transport on the climate and the environment and, at the same time, responding to the needs of a client who is increasingly sensitive to these issues. The next step will be to refuel our vehicles with biomethane, we are already looking in this direction by working closely with Assoro Biometano sarl.”

“In the midst of the health emergency we wondered if the consequent economic crisis would undermine the attention to sustainability on the part of businesses and citizens; personally I never thought that this would happen and I have always believed in the foresight of those who work in the mobility sector. The example of Nicolosi Trasporti, combined with the continuous growth of the network of public LNG stations, confirmed that this trust was well placed,” commented Licia Balboni, President of Federmetano. “Natural gas is a fundamental element not only for achieving sustainable mobility, but also for successfully leading the country towards economic recovery.”

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