Peru promotes greater adoption of natural gas in trucks and buses


The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) published two Supreme Decree projects that seek to promote greater use and consumption of natural gas in the transport of heavy goods and passengers. The regulations authorize the construction of a national network of filling stations that supply LNG, a product that offers greater performance and safety compared to other fuels, as well as being economical and environmentally-friendly.

Ministerial Resolutions No. 080-2020-MINEMDM and No. 081-2020-MINEMDM, which propose amendments to Supreme Decrees No. 057-2008-EM and 006-2005-EM, respectively, allow direct consumers and other agents from the LNG market to build their own filling stations in order to use the LNG in their activities.

Likewise, the initiatives authorizes the operation of LNG mobile stations (called Microfueler), which will allow the fuel to be transferred to the place where the consumer requires it, and schedules the creation of the L-CNG Refueling Control System, which will regulate fuel consumption.

This regulatory framework, which is part of the development of the National Energy Policy aimed at the widespread use of natural gas, will encourage the adoption of LNG in the heavy cargo and passengers transport, and in the mining sector, among other items that will benefit from the arrival of service stations that offer this fuel.

In this way, the commercialization and consumption of LNG at the national level will be dynamized, allowing the national demand for fuels to be met more reliably, efficiently and safely, which will have a positive impact on the Hydrocarbons Trade Balance, by decreasing imports of other fuels, such as diesel, and strengthening energy sovereignty.

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