cryogenic lng storage tank

  • Cryogenic LNG Storage Tank 500L

    Application from city bus, truck to loader, marine boat, etc. OEM quality by heavy duty truck manufacturer, more than 15 years experience. To follow our working procedure to start conversion.

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  • ASME Approved LNG Storage Tank ASME

    LNG storage tank: 1. Adopt double-wall vacuum powder thermal insulation technology. 2. Apply high-quality ultra-low temperature thermal engineering expansive perlite as filling. Take helium-spectrum leakage test for complete cryogenic liquid tank. Good thermal-insulating effect, low evaporation loss and long life time. 3. Imported paint makes appearance more beautiful and longer anti-corrosion time. 4. Compact tank structure, advanced piping and flow-process design make operation simpler and safer as well as maintenance and repair easily. 5. Vertical type and horizontal type. We are able to design and manufacture cryogenic liquid storage tanks in various different volumes and pressure grades as per GB150 and ASME standard.

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  • Cryogenic LNG Storage Tank 1000L

    High quality approved by OEM heavy duty truck manufactuer in China. Offers three years quality warranty, BV inspection report. Different sizes available from 150L to 995Litres capacity.

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