mobile refillilng vehicle

  • Cryogenic LNG Mobile Refilling Trailer

    LNG mobile refilling trailer: 1. Low requirement for site conditions, easy installation, thus the speed of building a station is very fast, is one of the best ways to build a temporary filling station; 2. Less investment, small floor coverage, low operating costs; 3. Short pre-cooling time, fast filling speed, less emission, high integration: analyzing through the compare of the skid station and mobile filling trailer, the skid station needs 5 minutes to precool, the mobile filling trailer needs only 1 minute; the skid station filling double cylinders need 7 minutes, the mobile filling trailer only needs 5 minutes; the pipe of mobile filling trailer is short, reduce emission; 4. Low transport costs: mobile filling trailer has the tanker features, is truly the combination of mobile stations and transportation storage, which can reduce the cost of transportation; 5. Flexible: can be used as a temporary station, and realize the function of mobile charging and emergency rescue. Equipped with power supply, both external power supply and self-generating can be used; 6. Safe and reliable: with natural gas leakage automatic alarm, emergency stop system.

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