CNG cylinder inspection station proposal


Brief introduction

As per ISO11439 standard, it is mandatory to have periodic inspection for NGV cylinders, for safety operation, according to technical parameter of CNG cylinders, we design the inspection solution.


The inspection station could test both CNG-1 steel cylinders and CNG-2 steel liner with hoop wrap cylinders, according with ISO11439 and China standard. We adopt assembly line type inspection station, which could reduce labor, increase the efficiency and we are also dedicated in environmental friendly.


The main test projects for CNG-1 cylinders includes outward visual check, audio check, cylinder valve thread check, internal visual check, wall thickness check, air leakage test, hydraulic test and magnetic test, same inspection subject will be conducted to CNG2 cylinder, while test for CNG-2 cylinder do not include magnetic test.  

Test process

1. Register cylinder information


2. Move the cylinder to inspection line


3. Vacuum and nitrogen replacement


4. Unloading cylinder mouth ball valve


5. Cylinder internal cleaning and drying


6. Place the plug to protect the cylinder mouth thread


7. Shot blasting to remove the rust


8. Remove the plug


9. Outer Visual inspection


10. Thickness measuring by thickness gauge


11. Audio check


12. Cylinder mouth threads checking


13. Inner visual inspection


14. NDT checking (Magnetic particle test)


15. Hydraulic test and drying


16. Install the cylinder mouth ball valve


17. Air leakage test with pressure 20 Mpa or 25 Mpa


18. Vacuum and nitrogen replacement


19. Spraying and drying


20. Move the cylinder to stacking area

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