WOODWARD2301A brief introduction


Governor system is composed of speed sensor, controller, execuator, speed trim potentiometer, DC power and connecting wire. As below picture.

Electronic governor, connected with butterfly valve of carburetor through connecting lever, receives speed signal from sensor and changes the butterfly valve opening so as to control engine’s speed and operating condition.


Speed control system select 2301A electronic speed controller, and the executor is also electronic. The rotated speed of engine from 0 to 10% can be adjusted at no load to full load. Steady frequency can be adjusted at 0-5%.

Speed control system 2301A controller is made by USA WOODWARD company, decades of uses in engine speed control system has been fully proved the reliability and stability of the controller. This controller is a full electronic design, it can quickly and accurately respond to load change to control engine`s rotation speed. Controller adopt speed PID adjustment control, with the help of magnetic speed sensor, 2301A controller timing follow the instantaneous rotation speed change of  engines, by comparing to rated rotation speed , produce speed deviation signal, the controller adopt PID control and timing accurately output revise control signal, finally adjust increasing or reducing fuel by controller. Through closed loop circuit, achieve speed control.

2301A controller has the following main features:

The basic characteristics of the controller is the engine “start fuel” and fuel slop adjustment. These features can reduce exhaust smoke to reach the engine operating speed.

It can be independently controlled acceleration rate and deceleration rate at variable speed.

The speed regulation rate and idle speed is adjustable.


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