German logistics firm plans to have 20% of its fleet fueled by LNG in 2025


Hegelmann Group, a German-based freight and logistics company, has added five Iveco Stralis 460 NP powered by LNG. It is planned that by 2025 such trucks will reach at least 20% of the company’s fleet, which currently includes about 4,000 vehicles. These trucks will not only reduce pollution, but also contribute to the effectiveness.

“As one of the largest carriers in Europe, we feel responsible for creating a more sustainable environment. For us, it is like a mission – we aim to introduce our customers to new trucks and show them that they are as efficient as diesel. At the same time, it is a new and long-term way to create sustainability, and customers have the opportunity to contribute to it,” said Siegfried Hegelmann, a shareholder in the Hegelmann Group.

According to Hegelmann, the choice of the Iveco Stralis 460 NP was inspired by the years of experience, as well as price-performance ratio of the manufacturer of these trucks. “This company is a pioneer in LNG technology that has developed the most powerful 460 horsepower engines on the market. This is especially important for us, as trucks have to travel over long routes that span over a wide variety of terrain, requiring maximum engine capacity,” the company’s shareholder explained.

“We have discussed this solution with the Hegelmann Group and I have no doubt that this company is fully committed not only to business development but also to sharing – it already participates in major social programs, sponsors schools and hospitals, and this less polluting transport option is a great future insight. A company that is mature, well-versed in this area of business and its mission in this world should be the one to think about such things,” commented Ernestas Jakubonis, Head of Iveco’s Representative Office in the Baltic Area.

The development of the Hegelmann Group’s fleet of LNG trucks will depend not only on how customers appreciate the service, but also on the LNG station infrastructure in Europe. Hegelmann hopes that this technology will spread rapidly and that the company will be able to carry out its planned expansion and that truck routes will extend across the continent. For the time being, the geographic directions of these five trucks will go via Germany to France and Italy, and there will also be a number of round trips.

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