SKODA continues to bet on its natural gas vehicle


Natural gas vehicles are a well-known alternative for efficient and eco-friendly individual mobility and are popular in many European countries. ŠKODA G-TEC models are perfectly suited for everyday driving, with the same Simply Clever benefits as any other ŠKODA model, and provide undiminished comfort and driving pleasure. The G-TEC models of SCALA, KAMIQ and OCTAVIA will remain in the ŠKODA vehicle range for several years to come.

The design of the new G-TEC versions of the SCALA, the KAMIQ and the all-new OCTAVIA features larger CNG tanks, with the resulting greater ranges enabling drivers to cover even longer journeys using the more eco-friendly and economical CNG mode for the most part. Meanwhile, additional 9-liter petrol tanks safeguard mobility in regions without CNG filling stations. ŠKODA AUTO took great pains in development to ensure that the engines will run almost exclusively on natural gas.

In CNG mode, these cars emit 25% fewer CO₂ emissions than vehicles powered by a conventional petrol engine. When adding a 20% share of bio-CNG, as is currently common in Germany, CO₂ emissions are reduced by as much as 35 to 40%. Using an even higher bio-CNG proportion made from plant residues and biological waste can achieve improvements of up to 90%, approaching carbon neutrality. Full carbon neutrality can be achieved when running on synthetic methane produced from renewable energy using a power-to-gas process. However, this technology is still in development.

In Germany, the single largest European market for ŠKODA, the price advantage over diesel vehicles comes in at around 40%, and as much as 50% for petrol engines. Even greater savings can be achieved in Italy, due to higher petrol and diesel prices.

The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC, due to be launched in the second half of 2020, has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder TSI engine delivering 96 kW (130 PS), which enables sprightly performance. Its three CNG tanks have a joint capacity of 17.3 kilograms, allowing for a range of up to 480 kilometers in CNG mode.

Moreover, the 1.0-liter TSI in the SCALA G-TEC and the KAMIQ G-TEC produces an output of 66 kW (90 PS). In both models, the three CNG tanks have a capacity of 13.8 kilograms – equivalent to a CNG-only range of around 410 kilometers.

Natural gas can be topped up as easily and quickly as conventional fuels at suitably equipped filling stations. With the European network of CNG stations continually expanding, mid-2019 saw Italy in the lead in Europe with close to 1,300 filling stations, ahead of Germany with around 900. The Czech Republic came in third place, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands.

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