• ASME Certified LNG Tank Semi-trailer 52.6M3

    We are manufacturer and supplier of LNG semitrailer tanks of various capacities. Semi-trailer tanks are provided with double axle, triple axle rear trailers. These tanks are mounted on tractor chassis with rear semitrailer and are tractor type tanks. The tanks are made of various capacities like 52.6m3, 55.7m3. The semitrailer may be double axle or triple axle depending on loads and road regulations. The tanks are also provided with all safety features like safety relief valves, excess flow valves, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, isolation valves, internal valves, etc.

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  • ISO Certified LNG Tank Semi Trailer

    1. Large loading capacity, 52.08M3, 52.6M3, 55.7M3; 2. Optional self-booster system to discharge liquid, reduce energy consumption without LNG pump; 3. Easy and convenient to operate and maintenance; 4. Good insulating performance.

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  • LNG Mini-carrier 10000M3

    The mini-LNG-carrier is designed for short distance LNG transportation from seaport, river to receiving terminal, it is much more flexible and economical solution for FLNG applications.

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  • LNG Plant Daily Capacity 50000NM3/D

    1. Simple technical process with MRC technology, less land occupation with skid-mounted design, easy installation and operation, low investment from China manufacturer; 2. Flexible gas flow for gas source with unstable pressure, equipment with great adaptability for different gas composition, bigger operating capacity range; 3. Suitable for remote area working condition that lack of water, power source. The whole system high automation grade and remote monitoring. 4. The unique electromechanical connection bridge technology make the installation no need welding on site, all the skid can be installed or disassembled within 20~50 days; 5. Transportable design, maximize use ratio of the equipment.

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  • Customized Design LNG Regasification Skid

    Advantages and features for LNG regasification skid: 1) Highly integrated and integrated design, small occupying area, easily on-site installation and put into production quickly. 2) PLC automatic control, friendly human-computer interface, convenient operation. 3) Provide running protection effectively and realize the dynamic monitor for the working process. 4) Skid-mounted design make the transportation and move easily, also has good maneuverability. 5) Anti-explosive electrical system, safe and reliable. 6) Short process pipeline has the less running cost and quick start. 7) Pressure LNG storage tank and LNG transportation lorry, quick pressurization speed and convenient adjustment, increase the unloading speed effectively.

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  • LNG regasification station

    Brand Sinogas repower Product origin China Delivery time 30 days Supply capacity 1000 units per year LNG regasification skid is Skid-mounted design that make the transportation and move easily, also has good maneuverability. Highly integrated and integrated design, small occupying area, easily on-site installation and put into production quickly.

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  • LNG Fast Supply Regasification Station

    Brand : Repowergas Product origin : China Delivery time : 30-40 days Supply capacity : 10 units per month Feature: 1. LNG skid mounted regasification station flow capacity can be designed from 1,000 Nm³/hr to 20,000 Nm³/hr. 2. LNG transfer to gas in 30 minutes, highly integrated equipment, super easy installation; 3. 20FT skid flow capacity reach to 1,000Nm³/hr, 40FT skid flow capacity reach to 5,000Nm³/hr , it can be designed as transportable equipment; 4. Perfect solution for LNG gas peak shaving and emergency gas supply; 5. For big flow capacity peak shaving station, like 10,000 Nm³/hr to 20,000 Nm³/hr, total investment one tenth of traditional ambient temperature evaporator solution; 6. LNG gas quick supply system with over pressure, over temperature ESD system and Low water level, gas leakage alarm system available. Automatic PLC control; 7. One skid integrated LNG defuel booster, heat exchanger, burner, LNG evaporator, pressure regulator, chimney etc, all in one solution; 8. LNG/LPG dual fuel available.

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  • LNG ISO Storage Tank Container 45FT

    LNG ISO tank container, 45ft: Water capacity: 52.3 m3. Dimension: 13716mm*2438mm*2591mm(L*W*H). Standard: ISO, ADR, BV inspection;

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  • Cryogenic LNG Storage Tank 500L

    Application from city bus, truck to loader, marine boat, etc. OEM quality by heavy duty truck manufacturer, more than 15 years experience. To follow our working procedure to start conversion.

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