Landfill gas power plant

  • Landfill gas power plant
Landfill gas power plant
  • CNPC Jichai
  • china
  • 2 months
  • 1000sets/0ne year

1. Package solution. from gas pretreatment, gas generator to auxiliary equipment.
2. Proffesional landfill gas treatment method according to the gas content, TEMP and flow capacity.
3. CNPC jichai biogas generator, high efficiency, reliable and long service time.
4. Advanced control system

Mian equipment of landfill gas power plant

1 Landfill area

It is the area to place the garbage and generate biogas by anaerobic fermentation. It is usually constructed in small mountain.

landfill gas

2 Biogas pretreatment skid

The skid is designed to remove harmful content and make the gas TEMP, gas flow capacity is 

suitable for the gas generator. It includes filtration, roots blower, cold dryer etc.

gas power plant

3 Gas generator

We adopt CNPC Jichai 1100GF-N biogas genset, with continuous power 935Kw. It could work 7/24 with high efficiency and good reliability.

landfill gas generator

4 Control room

The control room could control the whole equipment of landfill gas power plant to make the plant run smoothly. It could display voltage, frequency, power, power factor and also has the function of parallel.

landfill gas

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